Let's Talk About Our Clients

AlphaStaff has more than 1,300 clients with tens of thousands of employees representing a wide variety of industries. Our commitment to flexibility and customer service translates into the ability to service such a diverse range of customers; including white- or gray-collar businesses, with local and multi-state operations, accommodating a couple dozen to several thousand employees.

Here's Some of Them

In Their Own Words

  • Carl Newberry, CEO

    “As a busy company that helps banks deal with complex issues such as receiverships and foreclosures, we appreciate having a professional and knowledgeable team we can rely upon, like AlphaStaff, to handle all of our human resources needs. It frees up the time we need to focus on our clients and their needs.”

  • Harold Boyett, President and CEO

    “We are the transportation experts. Chris Scott at AlphaStaff is our Human Resource expert.  We can focus our efforts on servicing our customers’ transportation needs because AlphaStaff supports our Payroll, Benefits, Workers’ Compensation, and Human Resource needs. They take care of everything for us and it has helped us to focus on growing our business.”

  • Ron Baran, Director of Finance, CopperSands Inc.

    Our HR Account manager and Payroll Specialist are wonderful to work with. Any issue I have had, these two ladies have jumped through hoops for me. Also our representative in payroll has been perfect in every manner for which we have needed her.