The holiday season may be here, but the search for top talent never goes on vacation. As you’re beginning to craft your talent acquisition strategy for the new year, start by looking inward. What are your company’s goals for the next five years? What areas will the business be expanding in? Talent acquisition goes beyond just filling existing roles, it’s about evaluating where your company will be long-term and what talent you need to help you get there.  Keep reading to learn about a few areas that will be critical in starting your strategy. 


Showcase Your Company Culture 

When evaluating a company, a potential employee will visit your company’s website and social media profiles to see if the job will also be a good cultural fit. A recent survey from LinkedIn found that 90% of Millennial and Gen Z professionals would quit a job if they feel it’s not the right cultural fit.  When examining your online presence, candidates will want to be able to learn what the workplace atmosphere is like, whether there is opportunity for growth, and even if your current employees look happy to be there. Post photos regularly that show your employees at work and encourage them to engage and interact with your company online. A great way to do this is to highlight your employees milestones and achievements on social media. 


Offer Exceptional Employee Benefits 

Employee benefits are more than just medical packages and a 401(k). To stay competitive, your business must offer a holistic approach to your employees needs, with traditional offerings like health, vision, and dental, as well as innovative perks like mandatory PTO, a flexible office policy, pet insurance, and more. Start by doing research into the types of employees you’re hoping to attract and the offerings they value most so you can create the benefits package that’s right for the team you want.  


Expand Your Outreach Strategy 

To find the right talent, you’ll need to do more than just post jobs in the usual sites. Finding your perfect candidate takes an active approach, visiting online forums, social media sleuthing, professional events, conferences, and more. It might seem daunting to be able to give 100% of your efforts to talent acquisition, but that’s where a co-employment agency comes in. A talent search partner can offer your business a team of recruiting experts who will dedicate their time to understanding your business and its needs, so you can be confident that they’ll help find the right talent for your company.  


AlphaStaff’s recruiting team is ready to work alongside yours to help your business reach its goals in the new year. Visit our recruiting page to learn how you can Team Up, and Stress Down in 2024.