When it comes to employee health benefits, the focus is often on covering sick care and medical treatments. But, a more comprehensive approach recognizes the value of investing in preventive care. Businesses enjoy healthier employees and cost savings by fully covering check-ups, screenings, vaccines, and wellness initiatives.  


Some key benefits of a preventive care focus include:

Lower Medical and Insurance Costs

A 2020 study found that patients with chronic diseases contributed to 60% of all ER visits, and 4.3 million visits were likely preventable. Catching problems early saves companies substantially on employee medical costs over time. Annual health screenings, regular check-ups, and lab work enable early intervention for emerging health conditions before they escalate into urgent or chronic issues needing expensive specialty treatments down the road. Fewer high-cost medical claims directly translate to lower premiums. In addition, by leveraging large provider networks and group purchasing power, organizations can minimize out-of-pocket costs for routine care.  


Increased Engagement and Productivity

Employees who participate in company-sponsored wellness programs demonstrate substantially lower absenteeism. Access to preventative health services relieves stress through early detection and peace of mind. Workers who feel supported in their wellbeing work harder and deliver higher performance with energy focused on work rather than health worries. 


Enhanced Recruitment and Retention

Comprehensive preventative coverage shows prospective candidates and current talent that their holistic wellbeing, not just workplace output, matters. This culture and policy commitment can differentiate companies dramatically when vying for top talent. Retention rises when health benefits align with employee lifestyle needs. 


A human resource outsourcing company (HRO) can provide your businesses with more accessible and affordable  preventive healthcare for your employees. 


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