The average American workweek is 40 hours, and for many employees this means sitting at a desk all day with little to no breaks. This lifestyle can affect both their physical and mental health, often resulting in obesity, heart problems, circulation problems, and chemical depression which eventually leads to sick days and steadily decreasing productivity. Many companies are looking to help their employees make healthy choices while in the office, leading to the creation of wellness programs. Keep reading for a few of our tips on how to implement a wellness program for your employees and help them stay on the right track.


Provide Healthy Food in the Break Room

One of the simplest introductions to an employee wellness program is healthy catering. Employees choose the wrong foods because they are fast, convenient, or easy to eat at their desks. Consider offering your employees a free selection of healthier options. This can be done either by ordering a healthy lunch for the office a few times a week, providing fruits and granola to snack in the breakroom, or partnering with nearby businesses to offer employees discounts on better lunch options. Remember to be mindful of employees’ dietary restrictions and provide alternatives for anyone who needs them.


Encourage Employees to Get Up and Stretch During Work

Remaining sedentary is the biggest risk to employees, resulting in a higher change of being overweight, developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease, and experiencing depression and anxiety.  It can be very easy to get so absorbed in a task that you forget to get up from your desk for hours. One of the easiest ways to encourage movement in the workday is to provide your employees with an easy stretch routine they can do quickly without needing any equipment. Consider setting up a recurring meeting to hold the space every day for employees who can join. For in-office employees, you can make it a group activity in the break room, and remote employees can join in from their homes by setting up a video meeting link. and set up a recurring meeting to encourage them to join.

Form an Office Sports Team

Office sports teams are a long-standing business tradition even before the workplace wellness trend. They provide a great source of team bonding, outside work activity, and promote physical fitness. Consider sending an survey to poll your employees on which sports they would want to play, how often, and what prizes they would like to see for the winning team. You can even take it up a notch by providing matching t shirts! Encourage a cycle of activities to make sure as many employees as possible participate.


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