As of Jan. 1, 2016, small businesses are required to conform to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer Mandate, bringing about regulations related to providing health insurance to employees. Today, many large businesses in California will also be influenced by these regulations. Groups needing to find a solution by the end of the year can now turn to AlphaStaff and allies Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente for a solution.

Through this alliance, AlphaStaff, a full-service national professional employment organization (PEO) and HR outsourcing firm, is able to offer a master health benefits plan in the state of California that features superior health benefits options from both carriers. The Company also provides supplemental products such as dental, vision, life, disability and worksite voluntary through MetLife.

While employers around the west coast are excited to be able to offer this enticing value-add to their workforce, larger businesses can also utilize the master benefits plan to assist in relieving the burdensome ACA compliance standards. With the help of both Anthem and Kaiser, AlphaStaff can offer large group composite rated medical solutions for employers in the 51-99 space. Clients can now easily find solutions that assist with the additional regulations in place when it comes to health insurance, coverage, and reporting.




“The very definition of a large employer has changed from employers with 50 or more, to employers with 100 or more. That being said, larger businesses will now be moved from large group platforms to the small group. This means that they will have to accept, learn to manage, and get acclimated to member-level ratings and metallic tiered plans with [generally speaking] lesser benefits and increased costs,” explained Kim Lowe, AlphaStaff’s Agency Director and licensed ACA professional.

“This partnership has been vital in assisting business owners in the process of navigating the changes brought on by ACA,” stated Kyle R. Kelly, President and CEO AlphaStaff. “We are excited to be able to continue to enhance our offerings through this partnership with two of the nation’s top carriers.”

With open enrollment fast approaching, employers of all sizes may be looking for an alternative solution. Brokers and business owners alike can contact AlphaStaff’s Market Development department at [email protected] to learn more.

About AlphaStaff

AlphaStaff, founded in 1997, has supported more than 100,000 worksite employees in 49 states. The company is a leading HR outsourcing organization that delivers a tailored suite of human resources, employee benefits, and employee administration solutions designed to support organizations across all stages of growth. AlphaStaff delivers measurable results ensuring clients achieve their objectives related to cost management, efficiency, compliance and profitability.