CACM_logo_Gray_ver2AlphaStaff, a pioneer in the HR outsourcing industry, and California Association of Community Managers (CACM), the premier professional organization for individual community association managers and management businesses in the state of California, have joined forces to create tailored HR solutions for community managers. CACM will highlight the new alliance at its annual
CEO Business Forum for California community management CEOs and executives, taking place on June 9-10 in San Diego. AlphaStaff’s president and CEO, Kyle R. Kelly, will host a panel discussion at the event on “becoming an employer of choice” through retention and recruitment.

Since CACM joined AlphaStaff as a client in 2015, the two organizations have been working together to develop a program to keep community managers from getting bogged down by administrative and HR obligations such as human resources, payroll and taxes, employee benefits and workers’ compensation. As the state’s leading resource for community association managers on education and certification, events, services and networking opportunities, CACM is constantly providing their members opportunities to help enhance professionalism, raise business standards and operate more effectively.

The upcoming CEO Business Forum demonstrates this development, with AlphaStaff and CACM presenting solutions that not only encourage business development, but also educate fellow leaders on the latest trends within the community management sector. CACM’s inclusion of AlphaStaff as an Alliance Member, and presenter at the forum, demonstrates the on-going support of the relationship and the importance of bringing new, effective options to its association members. This two-day event targets community management thought leaders who will spearhead a conversation on how to tackle the changing industry. One such solution is now provided to clients as a result of AlphaStaff becoming an Alliance Member of CACM.

“AlphaStaff is excited about working with and alongside such a professional association and vertical market,” said Harry Glazer, AlphaStaff’s regional vice president of the West Coast. “The team at CACM, led by David Zepponi, has a clear focus and direction of developing a professional suite of services aimed to help support and harbor the growth of the businesses it serves. The AlphaStaff professional HR, employee benefits and HR technology platform is a natural fit.”

About AlphaStaff

AlphaStaff, founded in 1997, has supported more than 100,000 worksite employees in 49 states. The company is a leading HR outsourcing organization that delivers a customizable suite of human resources, employee benefits, and employee administration solutions designed to support organizations across all stages of growth. AlphaStaff delivers measurable results ensuring clients
achieve their objectives related to cost management, efficiency, compliance and profitability. Click here for more information on how AlphaStaff can simplify your business.

About CACM

Based in Laguna Hills, Calif., CACM heightens the professionalism and success of California community association managers by promoting higher standards of practice and ethical behavior. CACM is the leading provider of California-specific community management education and certification and offers a broad range of value-added products and services to help its members succeed. CACM’s membership is comprised of nearly 3,000 California-based professionals from the community association management industry. For more information on CACM, please visit

To learn more about AlphaStaff’s Alliance Membership, or their speaking engagement with CACM, please contact AlphaStaff’s Channel Development Manager, Kari Yuknus.

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