Everyone is familiar with the idea that a company is a team, and success relies on working together with all the other elements of an organization to best effect. Small businesses, in particular, are machines that must be pristinely oiled if entrepreneurs are to achieve desired growth. 

Launching a startup can be exciting, and the sprint toward more customers and better results are crucial to early success. Of course, like any sprint, the presence of hurdles can slow progress notably, and this is no different in business. HR services can often trip up dedicated entrepreneurs who are passionate and skilled, but lack the in-depth knowledge of HR solutions required to leap over these hurdles as they appear. When planning your company's HR strategy, make sure you have these common snags on your radar.

You may be a whiz in your current field, but unfortunately, that doesn't always translate to effective recruiting. The art of the job posting is often underestimated and overlooked and, as a result, companies can struggle with finding the right candidates to fill positions. The Huffington Post outlined the importance of nailing the job description – being as clear and specific about not only what the job is, but what will be expected of candidates on a daily basis and what the work environment will be like. Using stock phrases and buzzwords, or assuming that everyone has the same idea of what an "account manager" does, should be avoided. After all, if you opt for a generic, out-of-the-box job posting, why should you expect anything more from your applicants?

HR laws
There's more to HR than hiring, interviewing and training. One major pitfall inexperienced entrepreneurs can face is getting tied up in much of the legal red tape that binds HR processes together. As The Huffington Post pointed out, there are a huge variety of considerations that have to be taken into account to avoid potential legal snafus, from disability to discrimination. While mistakes and oversights can be innocuous, they can also lead to costly cleanup efforts, and can even result in bad press for your organization. 

Knowledge is key
It may seem daunting trying to get a handle on HR processes well enough to be able to function efficiently and avoid costly mistakes. Fortunately, small businesses have a valuable resource in PEO companies. These HR outsourcing services come staffed with knowledgeable HR professionals who are up to date not only on current laws and regulations, but who also keep themselves abreast of the newest industry trends so they can help your company attract the best talent.