How HR Outsourcing Can Benefit Self Storage Business Owners

Companies around the U.S. are finding that they can start smaller and run more efficiently by outsourcing tasks that would traditionally require an internal department. Finances can be handled by a B2B finance company, marketing by an independent agency, and human resources by outsourced HR professionals. Outsourcing business functions can leave you, the self-storage business […]

Safety Tips For 4th of July Holiday

June 28, 2017

Risk Management

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It’s almost time for Fourth of July celebrations – fireworks, a backyard barbecue, and maybe a trip to the beach. Whatever activities the day might bring, employers should encourage employees, and their families, to enjoy their holiday safely. Here are some important safety tips to share with employees, based on information posted by the American Red […]

4 benefits of providing employees with a great health plan

June 12, 2017

Healthcare and Benefits

When business owners think of employee benefits, they most often think of health coverage. Although employers are not required by law to provide health insurance benefits (except in Hawaii), many companies choose to do so. As of March 2016, 52 percent of all American civilians with health insurance got it through their employers. Here are a few […]

Handling workplace conflict: Tips for managers

May 22, 2017

Human Resources

Fill an office with multiple people, all with varying personalities and world views, and then add deadlines, high workloads and all the stress that entails, and you have a scenario ripe for conflict. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that disagreements and arguments in the workplace are incredibly common. From strained interpersonal relationships to […]

5 HR mistakes that startups routinely make

March 24, 2017

Human Resources

If you have recently established your own startup, it’s important to be cognizant of the importance of HR, and be aware of some of the common mistakes that new organizations make in this area, in order to avoid them.

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