Professional sports teams around the world understand the importance of coaching. Owners of those teams know that without a good coach, there is no hope of having a good team – the same is true in business. As a manager or business owner, coaching oftentimes gets left out due to the hustle and bustle of running the business. However, time invested in coaching both good and not-so-good performers is critical in reaching effective outcomes on a daily basis. This webinar provides you with practical and effective tools to understand coaching and to engage techniques that lead to better performance outcomes.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Define coaching and why it is important
  • Learn how to identify when, and what, employee issues need to be addressed
  • Explore successful conversations that lead to desired outcomes
  • Discuss and learn from challenging scenarios
  • Understand how to set and monitor expectations
  • Identify skills necessary to be a good coach
  • Learn techniques to coach good employees
  • Learn techniques to deal with negative or underperforming employees

*Presented by AlphaStaff HR Manager, Sandy Edelson, M.S, SPHR