Our Business & HR Outsourcing Solution

Every company is unique, and successful businesses thrive by adapting to their environments. Through our HR management, insurance, and employee administration services, AlphaStaff has created tailored business solutions that will meet your company’s individual needs. Our HR outsourcing solution in particular will optimize your people, processes, and systems, allowing you to move freely between human resource services as your business evolves. To speak directly with a member of AlphaStaff’s Business Development team about these services, please fill out a free consultation.

How Does it Work?

Utilizing our pool of clients to create buying power, we enter into a co-employment relationship where AlphaStaff becomes the “employer of record” filing all state, federal, and local payroll taxes under our tax IDs. The business owner remains the “work-site employer” maintaining control over decisions and the day-to-day management of their employees.


PEO Services-AlphaStaff



Ready to Simplify Your Business?

HR management expertise and establishing a human capital management best-practice culture

  • Support of additional expertise in all areas of HR management for your company’s existing human capital management department
  • Realization of a best practice environment, enhancing company culture and contributing to employee retention
  • Employment, wage, and benefits benchmarking data to assist in making better business decisions

Operational improvements & efficiencies for your business success

  • Effective, efficient handling of employee-related administrative burdens such as payroll, tax, and  benefits
  • A scalable human resource management support team aligned to your business objectives without the fixed overhead of a large, full-time human capital management staff
  • A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that delivers streamlined processes and eliminates redundancies, saving time and reducing expenses

Save time and money

  • Practical employment law assistance, human resource management support and administrative processing without the overhead of a large, full-time human capital management department
  • Decrease expenses and capture lost revenue that you can re-deploy to revenue-enhancing activities
  • Experience the simplicity and buying power of a bundled, single point of service solution

Workers’ compensation and risk management

  • Comprehensive workers’ compensation, safety, and risk management services to protect your business and your employees, saving you time, money, and helping to protect against financial and legal exposure

Navigate the complexities of employee benefits

  • A strategy to effectively and proactively manage healthcare increases while providing the benefits that employees want and you can afford
  • Provide your businesses Fortune 500 style insurance coverage- including comprehensive, attractive employee health, welfare, and supplemental insurance options
  • Gain assistance with ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance


PEO Services-AlphaStaff


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