AlphaStaff’s COVID 19/Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19/Coronavirus Business Continuity Update


AlphaStaff is closely monitoring the developments surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) internationally and domestically. We want to assure you that our teams are working hard to ensure we have a smooth continuation of services to minimize disruption to your workforce.


Please read this alert for important information about our business continuity plan during this outbreak.


AlphaStaff’s Remote Workforce

AlphaStaff maintains offices in Sunrise, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, and the vast majority of our employees are prepared to work remotely. If either of our offices close, we are equipped to seamlessly and securely continue our services remotely—including payroll processing, unemployment claims administration, workers’ compensation claims processing, and benefits administration.


AlphaStaff’s Service Numbers

You can continue to reach us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-335-9545. If you need to reach the Benefits Service Center, please call 1-866-272-2452. Updates will also be posted on our website at


Direct Deposit and Paycards are Critical

As the situation continues to evolve, it is important to plan for potential service delays by USPS and express mail carriers. We strongly suggest that clients who have employees who receive paper checks consider alternative payroll delivery methods. Employees can sign up for direct deposit through the employee self-service portal and should be encouraged to do so as soon as possible. If you are interested in paycards, please reach out to your HR Account Manager for information. Paycards are an easy-to-use alternative to traditional banking and paper checks, and may be critical for certain of your employees. As a last resort, we have electronic resources to support a manual check process and we will work closely with you if circumstances require that we implement this process.


Employee Assistance

If you have any employees who have questions about the coronavirus or are in need of assistance, please encourage them to contact the AlphaStaff Employee Assistance Program (EAP), powered by Health Advocate. Details and contact information can be found by clicking this link: Employees can enter login credentials if they have those available, or select the option to sign in anonymously for direct access to the site without the need to log in.


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Legal Updates – Payroll Tax Elimination and Mandatory Paid Leave

The federal government is currently evaluating a variety of measures to counteract the potentially severe economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The current administration has indicated support for a reduction or elimination of federal payroll taxes from now until the end of the year. We are not aware of any legislative action taken to put a payroll tax hiatus in to place but we will continue to monitor all legal developments at the federal level, including payroll tax relief and mandatory paid leave. We will update you in the event these
measures are implemented.


We are grateful for the role we play in supporting your organization and remain committed to ensuring your sustained success during these stressful times. We hope you and your employees continue to stay healthy and safe.

Cristina Bouchard
President and CEO

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