Reliance on technology and digital data continues to expand. Because of this, cybersecurity threats pose severe risks for organizations of every type and size. A breach can wreak havoc through systems disruptions, stolen information, and monumental recovery costs.  By partnering with the right human resource outsourcing (HRO) company, businesses can implement comprehensive protections to avoid becoming the next cyber victim. 


To mitigate risks, leading HROs leverage cutting-edge HR platforms designed with security in mind. Measures like data encryption, strict access controls, frequent testing, and dedicated cyber protection teams safeguard systems and information. Providing regular cybersecurity awareness training to employees is also key. 


At AlphaStaff, we take this even further by offering comprehensive cyber liability insurance coverage. This is tailored to cover common threats including hacking incidents, data breaches, computer virus transmission, denial of service attacks and more. It protects companies by covering costs related to: 


  • Forensic investigations 
  • Victim notification 
  • Credit monitoring 
  • Crisis management and PR 
  • Network/data recovery 
  • Defense expenses and legal costs 
  • PCI fines and penalties 
  • Cyber extortion 

With proactive planning and robust safeguards powered by HR tech, companies can defend their assets and protect what matters most – their employees. 


Contact us today to explore flexible cyber insurance options through our partnership with ProWriters, watch AlphaStaff’s webinar “Cyber Security: Understanding Risk and Exposure,” or visit our cyber insurance services to learn more about securing your HR data. Don’t wait until it’s too late – a breach could paralyze operations and have long lasting impacts.