When designing benefits packages and wellness programs, understanding social determinants of health (SDOH) is vital. These social and economic conditions have a significant impact on employee health outcomes. In fact, studies show SDOH affects as much as 50 percent of health outcomes. Businesses can take a more holistic approach to supporting worker wellbeing by factoring in social determinants.  

What are the social determinants of health? They are the wide range of non-medical factors that shape health, including:  

  • Income and economic stability  
  • Education access and quality  
  • Neighborhood and environment  
  • Community context and support systems  
  • Access to nutritious foods  
  • Quality of housing  

Taking these factors into consideration, employers can craft benefits and policies that support employees holistically. For example: 

  • Competitive compensation and financial wellness programs  
  • Tuition assistance and development opportunities  
  • Flexible schedules and remote work options  
  • Employee resource groups and mentoring  
  • Healthy food options in office spaces  
  • Housing and relocation support  

The bottom line? Employee health encompasses much more than medical coverage. If your company is looking for ways to provide a broader set of employee benefits, an HR Outsourcing company like AlphaStaff, can help implement socially conscious practices that empower people to thrive in all aspects of life. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can collaborate to support your workers’ wellbeing inside and outside the workplace.