Millennials and Gen Z now make up a considerable part of the workforce. In fact, by 2025, three in every four employees will be millennials. Yet many corporate human resources strategies don’t currently align with this demographic’s needs. These younger generations seek purpose, flexibility, and continuous learning from their careers; and companies unwilling to listen and evolve their people practices are likely to face challenges in attracting and retaining young talent.  


Below are facets of younger generations to better understand their values and beliefs: 


Purpose Beyond Profits 

Millennials and Gen Z desire meaningful work that serves society, not just shareholders. To further the point, research shows that “this generation tends to regard companies that don’t make the greater good of society their priority as disposable.” Investing in thoughtful leadership development and culture strategies is essential for businesses to effectively communicate their “why,” inspiring young employees and fostering a purpose-driven culture that boosts ethos, ultimately leading to increased engagement and retention.  


Leveraging Technology  

Millennials and Gen Z are digital natives who prefer modern tools and mobile-friendly HR solutions.  They desire access to cutting-edge technology that provides an intuitive, user-friendly digital experience. By implementing modern tools and technology (aligning with their preferences), they will create a much more efficient, paperless, and sustainable work environment. 


Flexibility and Work-Life Blend  

Hiring Thing recently found that 35% of job seekers are turning down jobs that don’t offer remote work. Millennials and Gen Z tend to value flexibility and prioritize their mental health, leading to work-life balance as one of their top concerns. As millennials move into managerial and decision-making roles, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the traditional 9-5 became a thing of the past. Flexible policies that accommodate the needs of employees will likely increase the retention of younger workers.  


Continuous Learning  

Younger generations see ongoing education as essential for advancement and fulfillment. In fact, 87% of millennials consider professional growth and career development opportunities to be an important part of the job. This shows how identifying the right training and resources to provide for your employees to best complement their career goals is crucial. 


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