Companies around the U.S. are finding that they can start smaller and run more efficiently by outsourcing tasks that would traditionally require an internal department. Finances can be handled by a B2B finance company, marketing by an independent agency, and human resources by outsourced HR professionals. Outsourcing business functions can leave you, the self-storage business owner, free to focus on what’s really important to your clients: the service you offer.

The Self-Storage Status Quo

A self-storage business can be incredibly efficient due to the low number of both staff and resources. Each facility needs only a few staff members at a time to tend to security, maintenance, housekeeping, and occasional customer assistance. Most customers come and go at will, using their access codes and keys to do everything independently. Usually, customers don’t even seek a staff member unless they are signing up, signing out, lost, or having trouble opening a unit.

Keeping the Staff Count Low

This minimal need for staff means that, unlike other businesses, adding an internal HR department can be seen as a strange investment. That being said, what company can grow and thrive without HR support? If you want high-quality recruits, well-managed employee benefits, and assistance with HR policy compliance, you need experts working steadily to support your growing business. Fortunately, the new industry of B2B services has you covered! Rather than going through the hassle and expense of setting up your own HR department, you can outsource HR to a team of professionals who perform this exact service for hundreds of other successful businesses.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

It takes months to find a new recruit that has all the required skills, as well as an attitude that will fit well in your team. On top of that, each must be onboarded, trained, and properly registered for the right benefits package. Outsourced HR professionals can share their knowledge and resources to help simplify employee recruitment, training, retention, and more.

When you outsource your HR tasks, you gain assistance with similar HR responsibilities, while also implementing several other business solutions. Many HR outsourcing companies are full-service, meaning they can also supply services in payroll and risk management, provide employee health benefits and perks, and implement technology solutions to create internal efficiencies.

Making the Switch

Unless you’re a self-storage startup, chances are you already have some kind of HR solution, although more often than not it’s a single manager or even the owner themselves carrying this burden. Bringing in HR support can alleviate this burden from these employees and give them back time to focus on their business’ growth and success.

Your self-storage business was built on the pillars of efficiency and good business practices. HR outsourcing is the modern solution to small business management. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of creating a whole new department, take advantage of the services of independent HR firms ready to do the work for you.