Today one of the most uncomfortable aspect of life, or better of how we manage our life, is that we hardly can find some spare time to dedicate to a hobby or to family. Why is that? well, there might be as many answers to this as people in the world, because each single person would give a different answer according to their needs and their way to manage time.

The fact is that very often we have millions things to do. We would like to be more efficient just because the society proposes us models of people who work, play with children, have fun and these are in reality impossible models. We can today give you a few tips on how to find some more time in your work day to have better time management skills.

Do not waste time

One of the most common problem in time management is that we waste chunks of time in the day. We probably can’t see this, but actually there is always a part of our time which goes wasted. So, if you think you are going to wait for something (a bus, a train, for a visit, etc.), think about how you could use that time in the meanwhile.

Another waste of time of our epoch is internet. People spend a lot of time to reply emails and messages, try to be shorter and not to reply all straight, unless it’s really urgent. If newsletters are not necessary to your work, avoid them without making problems.

Be fast!

When you work, try to be fast: you can in this way do the same work sparing a few time that you will find helpful to do other things or simply to rest and have a pause in between.

Again, the computer and other informatics devices are the tools we waste time with. So, use the internet to find helpful things: browse this site only if you need to relock a key and avoid surfing just for fun or to play useless games.