Office stress is one of the leading causes of lower levels of productivity for most employees. As an employer, it falls under your responsibility to make action when noticing this disturbing and harmful phenomenon inside your own work environment. He is a few ideas of what you should be doing.


Allow Your Employees To Take More Breaks


Sitting in a chair for 8 or 10 hours a day looking at a monitor is not an effortless thing to do to say the least. If anything, it can cause a lot of physical and psychological damage such as head or backaches, carpal tunnel, migraines and stress. Encouraging short breaks for your employees is an excellent idea. It will help them release some of the pressure, clear their head, relax, and quickly recharge their batteries. Breaks are capable of diffusing accumulated stress according to psychotherapists; there are work places where power napping is encouraged by employers themselves as it is believed napping can significantly boost office productivity.


Be Present And Encourage Smiling

Managers who can actively engage in conversations with their employees, advise and constantly be present are the most successful ones. They also succeed with keeping stress levels inside the office to a minimum. Find out if your employees like to buy lottery tickets online or offline, learn about their interest and hobbies, passions or aspirations and you will get to actively engage more. Get more involved and find out which are all the social, political, or cultural factors that characterize your office and the people in it. This way, you will quickly understand why is stress a determining factor and which are the simple solutions to overcome or fight against it. Stay aware of all problems and difficulties and always present yourself with a smile on your face. This way your employees will be simulated to smile and change their moods also, and they will consider you more approachable.