Throughout the entire catalog of HR services, there is likely nothing that inspires more nervousness and precarious hyper​-attention.  After all, the last thing anyone wants is an error preventing them from getting their paycheck when they need it for rent, mortgage payments or other important family expenses.

Unfortunately, payroll can be one of the more complicated aspects of HR administration. Such snafus can arise for a number of reasons, from system glitches to human error, and knowing some of the potential causes can help keep payroll running as it should.

Problems with technology
There has been a veritable explosion of HR technology and services in recent  years. Payroll companies specifically have developed whole suites of software aimed at facilitating or even completely automating the payroll and tax administration process. Unfortunately, even the most efficient systems can be prone to technical issues at times. Glitches, bugs and other system errors can sometimes occur at random, and if left unchecked can create serious headaches for management, employees and HR.

Companies are encouraged to invest in a comprehensive human resource information system, or HRIS, to better facilitate the needs of their HR departments. However, such services also need to be monitored by an IT team to ensure things run as they should and system errors do not occur.

Smaller businesses that may be put off by the prospect of adopting an HRIS and all the responsibility associated with that can find an alternative solution in an HR outsourcing services or professional employer organization. These companies specialize in HR operations, and are already equipped to handle the burden of properly and fastidiously monitoring payroll administration.

Holidays and other scheduling difficulties
Keeping track of billable hours is in general a simple enough affair, but for those not specifically skilled in HR operations, things can get hairy when holidays or leaves of absence enter the equation. Such events can bring special considerations, such as gaps in pay, different pay rates, or differences in payroll schedules. Bank closures due to holidays can similarly complicate an otherwise straightforward payroll process, and those managers who don’t keep on top of the calendar can find themselves in a bind.

HR outsourcing presents a viable solution here as well. PEOs’ dedicated HR-focused staff remove the stress of payroll minutiae from your plate, meaning you no longer have to devote time and attention to administrative tasks or worry about letting payroll-related concerns slip under your radar.