A key step in building your business is making sure you staff it with the best people. As an entrepreneur, you want to make sure the corridors of your office are filled with the best and brightest in your field, but you also want to hire for cultural fit. It’s understandable that you’re significantly invested in your company’s recruiting process. However, underestimating what goes into recruiting and hiring from an HR perspective is a mistake. In fact, some of the more successful entrepreneurs are finding that, while they’re responsible for the development of the business, recruiting concerns are best left to the HR professionals.

Where management and HR differ
Managers and HR professionals may be working toward the same goals, but their perspectives are informed by different sensibilities. As a result, there may be key differences in how certain tasks – such as recruiting – are approached, and the impact that can have on business.

According to Human Resource Executive Online, there is a disconnect specifically between hiring managers and HR services, which can result in less effective job postings, and a likelihood that companies are missing out on some of the best candidates. As the source noted, while management takes a much more position-centric approach to hiring – concerned more with the specifics of the job and what qualifications would be the best fit – HR tends to focus attention more on the people. This may not seem like a huge discrepancy, but if these two facets don’t operate harmoniously, organizations may end up with employees who are technically qualified but a poor cultural fit, or with strong personalities who have a poor understanding of the position requirements.

An HR-driven process
Knowing the ins and outs of the positions you need to staff is important, but that knowledge is only as good as your ability to position it in a way that will attract prospective candidates. This is where HR services can provide a huge advantage to small businesses. HR outsourcing companies have the training and the industry know-how to be able to reach more and better candidates. One key tool many PEO companies have at their disposal is the use of analytics. While hiring and employment data can be collected by managers, dedicated HR professionals are able to use the information to its best efficiency. Thus, a strong HR relationship can maximize your company’s performance while slimming down your organization, removing the need to include an in-house HR department on your payroll and saving you money.