As your business continues to evolve, it’s crucial to routinely reevaluate even your most robust HR strategies and processes. Periodic HR audits provide an objective assessment of what’s working well and reveal opportunities for improvement. Typical solutions include updating policies, implementing automation tools, refining workflows, consolidating systems, and adopting best practices. 


A comprehensive HR audit examines factors like:  


Compliance Adherence

Review policies, handbooks, procedures, and documentation to identify compliance gaps around laws and regulations.  


Payroll and Compensation

Assess pay practices, systems, and tech platforms to optimize accuracy, efficiency, and cost management.  


Policies and Procedures

Evaluate current policies and processes against changing needs, benchmark data, and best practices.  


Employee Relations

Analyze trends in grievances, disputes, turnover, and culture sentiment to pinpoint areas of concern.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Audit the current processes and technologies for recruiting, selecting, and onboarding talent.  


Performance Management

Review individual and organizational performance systems, methods of evaluation, and development opportunities.


HR audits yield a clear roadmap for improvement. Rather than guessing where issues exist, businesses gain concrete direction on strengthening HR operations for optimal efficiency, risk mitigation, and ROI. Based on audit findings, a Human Resources Outsourcing partner (HRO) can provide data-backed recommendations to optimize HR operations in all areas. AlphaStaff can help bring seasoned insights to maximize the value of your HR audit. Visit our services page to get started!