It seems like the headlines, no matter where you look, describe the plight to do more with less. In times of change, economic uncertainty and an increased demand for flexibility in the workplace, businesses are looking for options to help gain the momentum needed to secure a competitive advantage anywhere they can. HR Outsourcing is a solution to maximize efficiencies while gaining additional benefits to align the human capital component of the business with organizational initiatives. Any business with an outsourcing strategy recognizes how essential those components are to its continued success. And for businesses that have not received the good news… read all about it – outsourcing offers plenty of extras!

WHO should Outsource: Businesses that want to concentrate more on growing their business than managing back-office administrative functions and ever changing compliance and regulatory changes can find value in a HR outsourcing. More and more, companies are turning to HR Outsourcing partners like Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s). AlphaStaff, an accredited PEO, offers an on-demand service model that is delivered the way you want and need it. Whether via telephone, Internet/email, or on-site at your worksite location(s), we  can supplement your existing company resources and infrastructure, or we can step in and be your outsourced human resource department. Clients of varied size and within diverse industries subscribe to the windfall of benefits associated with outsourcing.

WHAT to Outsource: In a traditional PEO arrangement, clients enjoy payroll, benefits, risk management, state and federal tax administration, and human resources services. As popularity in the outsourcing industry rises and awareness around a one-stop-solution increases, many outsourcing companies, including AlphaStaff offer ancillary employment services such as recruiting, background screening, training , on-line self service, safety and risk management options to client companies. AlphaStaff’s flexibility allows clients to choose a level of service that can be tailored to meet their current needs and can evolve with clients to support future growth. Partnering with AlphaStaff affords clients compliance expertise as well as operational efficiency to clients who either don’t want to invest in a multi functional HR department for their company, or who want to support the HR team they currently employ. Working with our team of business development and HR professionals can help establish which service level and products will meet business needs.

WHEN to Outsource: HR outsourcing is gaining more traction as companies realize the efficiencies in process and cost associated with partnering with an outsourcing firm. Not only does it enhance a companies effectiveness and ability to focus on it’s core business, but it offers resources, services and products to clients on an as-needed basis depending on each client’s individual needs. It is always the right time to consolidate vendor relationships and maximize the value associated with realizing economies, transferring liability, gaining access to resources and having the peace of mind that employment related matters are being handled by a team of professionals who make this their core business.

WHY Outsource: You are the expert in your field…and we are in ours! Too often business owners find themselves following their dream of starting their own company, only to find there is more to it than they originally thought. The in’s and out’s of managing the employee functions associated with having staff, creates risks, liability and pitfalls that become distracting for business owners and take away the focus from their core business. One compelling reason companies align with PEO’s is to share in employment related liability and gain subject-matter expertise in employment related areas. AlphaStaff’s ability to tailor service offerings to clients to support their current and future needs gives employers the flexibility to align their company initiatives and people strategies by tapping into various product and services. Imagine a customized service plan that addresses unique business needs and supports and optimizes the ability to change, grow and focus on core business. Additionally, employees of client companies enjoy products and services, that are administered through the PEO relationship, which promote employee attraction, retention and engagement/satisfaction that contribute positively to the company’s morale and the bottom line.