Let’s set the scene: your company recently started working with a Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) and you find yourself in need of assistance.  You pick up the phone and dial the support number given to your organization, only to find a robotic voice and an automated menu on the other side. What now? Call centers are definitely here to stay, and in many cases, they provide accessible, efficient service that can help solve small issues. But often times we need the extra help that only another person can provide. Below we share some considerations when partnering with an HRO that uses a call center for support. 

+ Cost-Effectiveness 

Call centers can handle a high volume of HR inquiries and tasks efficiently, often at a lower cost compared to in-house HR teams. This means working with an HRO provider that utilizes a call center for HR service delivery could offer substantial savings for your company, allowing you to focus your budget on other business needs. 


– Data Security Concerns 

Data security is a critical concern when working with an HRO provider using a call center. When sharing sensitive employee data, you need to make sure strict data protection measures are in place and that you’re keeping in compliance with data privacy regulations. It’s important to remember that any breach or mishandling of data can result in legal and financial consequences for your business. Be sure you understand your HRO’s security practices before you send any important information.  


+ Extended Service Hours 

Call centers often operate 24/7 or offer extended hours, providing employees with convenient access to HR assistance beyond regular business hours. This flexibility accommodates a diverse workforce with varying schedules and time zones, ensuring that HR support is readily available when needed.  


– Limited depth of expertise  

While call center agents excel at handling common HR inquiries efficiently, they may lack the depth of expertise required for complex or specialized HR matters. This can become challenging when dealing with complicated employee issues, legal compliance concerns, or industry-specific topics.  


Finding the right HRO can be make or break for your organization. When you partner with AlphaStaff, you’ll always be directed to a real person who will be ready to assist you with anything you need. That’s the AlphaStaff Way. Learn more about what we can do for your company.