WPI Wage Watch: Minimum Wage and Overtime Updates
2017 may be so last year, but minimum wage and overtime developments in its final month may forecast what types of measures we will see in 2018. And employers should remember that as of January 1, 2018, state and local minimum wage rates will increase in various parts of the country, and the rate of pay certain exempt employees must be paid will increase in some states. Read more

5-Step Plan To Address Growing Sexual Harassment Concerns

For several months now, it seems that each new day has brought about a fresh round of reporting on yet another high-profile sexual harassment accusation. What started in October with substantiated allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein has blossomed into dozens of claims against Hollywood executives, actors, comedians, politicians, media personalities, and corporate executives. The victimized women and men now feel empowered to publicly share their stories, leading to a cascading effect that is not likely to subside anytime soon, and we are all reexamining our current and past workplace conditions with a newfound clarity. Read more

Top 100 Workplace Law Stories of 2017

Well, at least the first 19 days of 2017 were relatively calm. But starting with the inauguration of President Trump and continuing through the last days of the year, the state of labor and employment law was in a complete whirlwind. With all of this activity, you can be forgiven if you missed one or two (or a hundred) of the more important stories to impact the workplace. But never fear, because we compiled the top 100 all in one place, complete with links to all the details you need to keep your workplace in complete compliance. Read more

Doing Business In California? Be Sure You Comply With These New Employment Rules

Every year, the California legislature churns out new laws regulating employment in the Golden State and 2017 was no different. As Trump appointees at the Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board and other agencies have begun to be confirmed, the pendulum of federal law and regulation has started to move in favor of employers.
Effective January 1, 2018, there are a series of new statutes that will go into effect and present new requirements for California employers that all human resource professionals should make note. Read more