Health Care Reform: 2014-The Road Ahead

Health Care Reform: 2014-The Road Ahead
Presented on January 23, 2014 

It’s one of the most debated topics ever in our nations’ history- HEALTH CARE REFORM. In 2014, according to AON Hewitt, employers face potential increase in costs in the range of 20 to 60% depending on the organizational make-up of their workforce and employees’ individual health insurance purchasing decisions.  It’s important that employers define what your strategies will be to manage the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and communicate your strategies to your employees.

Some of the changes employers can expect in 2014 include the following:

  • Increased Cap on Rewards for Wellness Program
  • Cost-sharing Limits for All Group Health Plans (deductibles and OOP maximum)
  • Transitional Reinsurance Contributions
  • Coverage of Clinical Trials

Join AlphaStaff and our partner AON Hewitt as we provide you with the most current information on the ever changing landscape of Health Care Reform.

Presented by AON Hewitt 


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