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Introducing Clients & Colleagues to HR Outsourcing

Businesses across the U.S. are looking for creative answers to HR compliance, health care reform, risk management and employee administrative challenges. AlphaStaff often works with referral partners, such as insurance brokers and clients, to introduce our HR outsourcing solution to businesses in need.

Not only do referral partners benefit from helping employers implement helpful resources and efficiencies, but AlphaStaff also offers generous compensation.

AlphaStaff’s referral partners are continuously utilizing our tailored HR outsourcing services to provide additional value to their clients and colleagues. Finding a good fit for HR outsourcing can be easy once you understand what types of processes (or lack thereof) the business has in place.

The below are a few questions to ask employers who may benefit from an HR outsourcing solution with AlphaStaff.

Questions to Ask Employers

The below are a few questions to ask employers who may benefit from an HR outsourcing solution with AlphaStaff.

What business challenges could the employer be facing?
Being an employer can be stressful, so what keeps your client or colleague up at night? Is there anything especially frustrating currently on their radar? HR outsourcing solutions can assist with a great deal of business challenges. Understanding what these exact challenges are makes it easier to introduce HR outsourcing as a solution.
Is the business currently outsourcing?
How does the business measure the success of their current HR Outsourcing partners (payroll companies, HR technology providers, HR consultants, etc.)? There could be a chance that these current partners are not making life easier for the employer.
What is the HR infrastructure of the business? Does the business need HR support?
Have the employer describe their current internal HR department. There could be a chance that the business needs assistance with HR compliance, training, hiring, and more.
Has the business had growth in the last year? Are they multi-state?
If the employer had a magic ball, what do they see happening at their company over the next 12-48 months? Perhaps you can offer the employer a solution that can help them achieve their goals. You can also offer them assistance with multi-state concerns such as SUTA and at-will employment.
What type of HR related technology is the business using?
Ask the employer what their current process is for onboarding a new employee. Implementing new HR technologies can create efficiencies that save time and money. The employer will be able to simplify all types of processes, such as time and attendance, open enrollment, and PTO.
Could the business benefit from tailored and streamlined processes?
Employees and managers alike can have an improved experience by having all HR functions handled by a single, all-in-one vendor. These types of efficiencies can allow business to spend less time focusing on administrative challenges and more time focusing on the growth and success of the organization.

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