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Since its origins, AlphaStaff has valued the relationships that clients and their insurance brokers share. In fact, AlphaStaff was founded by insurance brokers, which is why we have worked hand in hand with brokers across the U.S. to help introduce unique HR outsourcing solutions to their clients.

Here are a few ways in which brokers, and their clients, can benefit from a partnership with AlphaStaff:

  • We can provide you with a competitive edge by complementing your insurance solutions with our valuable HR, payroll, and technology services
  • AlphaStaff is proud to have one of the most competitive agency agreements in the industry. We pay a generous compensation structure on a residual basis for the life of the account and can insulate your clients from the aggressive attempts of outsourcing vendors that can steal your business
  • Our agreements also contain a “no trespassing” commitment, which prohibits us from introducing products without your approval, or trying to turn your client upon renewal
  • We keep you as a primary focus in the partnership and can include you in ongoing communications and updates
  • For brokers that need access to certain types of insurance, AlphaStaff can help obtain workers’ compensation, health, and supplemental products for your clients
  • Our carve-out options allow partnering brokers to remove certain insurance lines and chose to remain the BOR on health or workers’ comp
  • AlphaStaff’s Benefits Advisory team can provide Health Care Reform expertise for both you and your clients. We are also accredited and certified by ESAC (Employee Services Assurance Corporation) which guarantees our performance

Happy Clients

AlphaStaff holds a long heritage of partnering with and supporting the growth of the insurance brokerage community. Read real customer testimonials, to see how we can help you earn more — and provide a flexible & customizable solution to meet all your client’s needs.

AlphaStaff is proud to have supported more than 100,000 worksite employees in 49 states. Our clients represent a diverse range of sizes in a variety of industries and sizes, with our tailored solutions supporting them through their evolving business cycles. While AlphaStaff manages your time-consuming administrative tasks, you can join our current clients in enjoying the benefits that come with simplifying business.


Putting a spotlight on the special partnership between insurance brokers and human resources outsourcing professionals.

How Alphastaff Works with Brokers, Not Against Them


In order to help their clients with administrative concerns, insurance brokers are turning to AlphaStaff for a broker friendly, HR outsourcing solution. Here’s how some of AlphaStaff’s broker partners are benefiting from their industry-leading service.

A New Path - How Partnering With AlphaStaff Can Drive Success

An image of a cartoon person walking down the road with a briefcase in a city with three buildings

A New Path – how partnering with AlphaStaff can drive success

In order to help their clients with administrative concerns, insurance brokers are turning to AlphaStaff for a broker friendly, HR outsourcing solution. Here’s how some of AlphaStaff’s broker partners are benefiting from their industry-leading service.

Broker Bulletin: March 2018 – News & Helpful Information

Broker Bulletin: March 2018 – News & Helpful Information

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Broker Bulletin: March 2018 – News & Helpful Information

Human Resources News & Helpful Information

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AlphaStaff’s offerings are combined into one package; it’s a one-stop-shop. Instead of me having to reach out separately to the insurance or retirement plan administrators and trying to connect them to our HR provider, AlphaStaff offers me a more efficient solution. I have a good impression of the professionalism of the team, and I am confident I can always get good service from AlphaStaff.

CEO Biotechnology company

Today marks my seventeen-year anniversary using AlphaStaff. I receive calls, emails, and LinkedIn solicitations from dozens of other Human Resources and Professional Employer organizations each year, and I tell all of them the same thing, “You would not have the same superstar team that AlphaStaff has assigned to my company. I am extremely happy with the work they do for me and plan to stay with AlphaStaff, so I would feel guilty wasting your time knowing I have no interest in making any changes.”  Angela, Sandy, Carrie, Nicole and, Marisol are a phenomenal team.  They have instilled such a high degree of confidence and peace of mind, allowing me to focus on my core business.

President and CEO Courier Service
President and CEO

What sets AlphaStaff apart is their service, the communication of their members, and the view of it being a true partnership. With their broker-friendly model, we both complemented each other and made sure we were all at the same table.


AlphaStaff’s implementation has been super seamless, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get it done. Sometimes when you start with a new company they promise you the world and later you can never get a hold of anybody, but that didn’t happen with AlphaStaff. I felt like I was their only client.

Chief of Staff Animal Care Facility
Chief of Staff

We have had a wonderful working relationship with AlphaStaff. The staff at all levels are professional and pleasant to work with. They have also been flexible about finding ways to meet our various reporting needs. The HR management support has been outstanding!

Director Medium-sized Business

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