The identification of the present and future HR capital needed to reach the goals of a company is often times a process referred to as human resources planning. Specialists consider this type of planning to be directly connected to the management of human resources and a general strategic plan. Economies in countries that are constantly growing require for qualified workers and the problem of the aging population makes organizations’ needs even more obvious.

What Exactly Is HR Planning And What Does It Do?

Generally speaking, the planning of the human resource component within an organization is defined as a process meant to ensure the HR necessities are constantly identified and that the satisfaction of those necessities is properly planned. Evaluating the size and type of the HR capital that will be required to meet all labor demands are part of the process. The main tools and actions used to achieve these strategic HR goals refer to the use of employer brand development, flexible strategies, selection and recruitment strategies, strategies used for the retention of the personnel, and many more.   


Strategic HR: Implementation Stages

The strategic planning of the human resource wing inside a mid- or large sized company refers to the short-term planning of the HR and the building and training related to the HR process. Short-term HR planning requires the creation of special competency dictionaries and architectures that will help with the planning of the strategic HR component. Groups of employees are to be clearly defined and profiled, roles detailed and present and future needs identified. The integration of competencies within the already existing HR plan needs to be done via various tools.

The second stage of the implementation process will imply the creation of the right HR tools, templates included, in order to cleverly use all of the previously mentioned ideas. The planning process needs to be made easier through the training of managers. The constant observation and strengthening of the process is also desired.


Other Strategic HR Planning Stages To Follow

The identification of system requirements and also the discovery of the right type of infrastructure that can fully sustain the implementation of these systems is also desired. Competency profile development is another important step of the process. The implementation of these competency profiles also needs o be accompanied by success stories for better results. The development and constant renewal of these profiles as organizations demands keep on changing is also required. The same goes for the attentive monitoring and assessment of the apps used within the process in order to determine if they are successfully filling in all of the needs of the organization.    

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