Are you maximizing on your relationship with AlphaStaff? AlphaStaff has an array of great products that are available to benefit your employees and simplify your business. Join us as we discuss how our products can strengthen your organization, increase your ROI and organizational effectiveness, while also motivating and
engaging your workforce.

Attendees can expect to learn the following:

  • What’s in it for you? An overview of AlphaStaff’s HR and Affinity products
  • Benefits vs. Cost
  • Prevention vs. Cure
  • Policies and Regulations
  • What product utilization really says about your company
  • Employee perspective
  • Planning for protection and growth
  • Matching the talent model with desired performance
  • AlphaStaff Product Offerings
  • HR and Affinity Products
  • Our Featured Vendors
  • How to sign up for our services

*Presented by AlphaStaff Product Advisor, Joseph Everfield