Most companies have policies and guidelines in place that are designed to create a positive work environment while maximizing productivity and results. While there are many obvious productivity-killers that managers and employees try to avoid, like social media and streaming sites, some more inconspicuous habits might be draining your productivity without you realizing it. Below are three lesser-known behaviors that aren’t helping you be productive as much as you might think they are.


  1. Desk lunches

We’ve all been there. You’re having a hectic day, or you’re rushing to finish a task before a deadline, and you decide to have a “working lunch” at your desk. This might seem like the right choice at the moment, but one of the long-term consequences of having lunch at your desk is burnout. Even when you’re not necessarily working while you’re eating, you’re still mentally connected to work, and not taking a break can cause you to feel more drained at the end of the day. While you may feel like you got more done, fatigue will impact your productivity in the long run.

Try to get away from your desk to eat, even if it’s just to go to a break room or take a quick 10-minute walk after lunch to stretch your legs and take a screen break!


  1. Nonstop emailing

If you have an office job, most of your day might involve reading and replying to emails. Doing this nonstop throughout the day can distract you from doing your core work. While some emails might require immediate attention, a constant back and forth between tasks and emails decreases your productivity. A good tip can be to schedule specific blocks of time on your calendar to read and reply to emails and block focus time to complete your tasks uninterrupted without fielding emails.


  1. Constant connectivity

While smartphones and mobile technology can create efficiencies within the workplace, they can also create “always-on” workers. More people are now working from home in the evenings, on weekends, and holidays thanks to their phones and laptops. Instead of increasing productivity, this has the opposite effect. Maintaining a proper work-life balance is essential for decreasing employee stress levels and preventing burnout.


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