If you are currently experiencing substantial growth in your business, congratulations are in order!  Of course, you and your team have worked very hard to obtain your current level of success.  To keep the momentum going and obtain the next level of growth and expansion, it is important to periodically review certain aspects of your business—one of those aspects is your employee base.  Doing so will ensure you are properly staffed with the right number and right quality of talent, to not only meet but actually exceed the expectations of your customers.  In this post, we will outline three employment considerations to periodically review, especially during times of strong company growth.

Basic and Seasonal Employment

If you are wondering whether your current basic employment level is meeting the needs of your business, one way to tell is to regularly evaluate the level of satisfaction your customers are experiencing.  If you notice an uptick in customer complaints and many of the complaints could have been resolved by having adequate staffing levels, then it’s time to consider hiring more staff.  If your business is cyclical in nature and your company has experienced unusual growth this year, don’t assume the same number of seasonal employees that was sufficient for last year’s sales level is going to be enough for the upcoming season.  Often all it takes is one bad season in which your company was ill-prepared for customers to decide to go elsewhere.

Retaining Employees

If you have no problem hiring employees, but they seem to leave long before you expect them to depart, it’s time to find out why they are leaving.  Offering a confidential employee feedback survey can help you determine why your company struggles with employee retention and help you identify areas that your company needs to address to strengthen employer/employee relations.  Continually replacing staff is expensive.  While AlphaStaff can help streamline the onboarding process, it still takes time to train new employees and get them acclimated to your company’s culture and standards.  After evaluating the feedback from employees, some employers might find that it is less expensive and time-consuming to offer a raise, more flexible hours or some other type of perk than to continually replace staff.

Time to Delegate 

If you feel you have appropriately staffed your operations with a good balance of entry, mid-level and supervisory employees, and yet you continue to struggle to keep up with growth, perhaps it is actually you that is struggling.  Business owners work hard and wear many hats.  While this may have worked initially, as a business grows and expands, it can become increasingly difficult for owners to manage every single aspect of their company.  Letting go and delegating authority to a manager or perhaps even a management team can seem like a scary process, but often it is necessary in order to take a business to the next level.  A business owner who truly wants to succeed and enjoy continuing levels of growth should plan at some point to transfer certain responsibilities to qualified staff members.


Having a qualified and reliable employee base is just as important as ensuring you have the inventory you need to run your business.  By taking a pro-active approach and periodically reviewing your staffing needs, your business will always be well-prepared for the next surge of company growth.  If you would like more tips on how AlphaStaff can alleviate common administrative burdens associated with high-growth periods, including onboarding, training and performance management resources, please contact us.