As any hiring manager or executive knows, a company’s recruiting strategy is definitely not a static process. Changes in business practices, the workforce and even in newly developing technology can all impact which factors an organization should focus on to bring in the best new talent.

In an era when many employers are facing a skills gap and having difficulty filling essential positions, having an edge in the recruitment game can make a huge difference in the bottom line. Here are some of the hiring trends employers should look toward in 2015.

Technology is a major player
Not surprisingly, one of the main factors influencing recruiting strategies in 2015 is the growth of technology. As more consumer devices move into the business space, companies will need to continue to assimilate tablets and cloud servers into their tech solutions. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the force driving the tech expansion in the coming year is mobile. Companies that aren’t currently recruiting from within the mobile space will need to start doing so, and quickly. The growth of customized apps and one-touch applications are providing the incoming generation of workers with a totally different platform to pay attention to.

Candidates now have more power
Many of us are still well aware of the 2008 job market, when qualified candidates were fighting over entry level positions simply because there weren’t enough jobs. According to ERE, this year will likely see those tables turn. In fact, the source reported that 83 percent of employers indicated a shift in power away from hiring managers in what is increasingly becoming a candidate-driven job market. This means that companies may have to work extra hard to stay competitive, whether that means increasing their hiring speeds or beefing up their offers available to potential candidates.

Talent will drive the hiring
Everyone’s familiar with the standard recruiting model – a position opens up at your company, and you post a listing for that job with the hopes that you’ll attract a talented candidate. As ERE noted, the change in availability of skilled professional talent may shift this model. Rather than turning to recruiting only when positions need to be filled internally, companies need to watch the job market actively for any exceptional candidates who have become available.

Outside resources can help
The speed at which recruiting trends are changing may be overwhelming, especially for small-business owners. Fortunately, they have a valuable resource in PEO companies. These HR outsourcing firms can keep businesses in front of the pack, and are priced effectively meaning they’re a much more cost-effective solution than hiring a full-time in-house HR department.