Q: What will happen to Middleware installations, InTouch, and Synel Synergy clocks?

A: Middleware installations and all time clocks will automatically connect to the correct environment.


Q: What will happen to my Single Sign On, SOAP or REST Calls or any other integrations I have set up?

A: Following the migration, the system will automatically route these requests to the appropriate environment. You should not need to make any changes.


Q: Do I need to update my bookmarks or favorites to access the system?

A: No, you will be automatically redirected following this change. However, as a best practice, it is recommended that you connect directly to the secure8 subdomain. That way, you will eliminate a potential connection issue in the event that POD2 is not accessible – the redirect may fail even if POD8 is up.

In other words, if you currently access the system through https://secure2.saashr.com/ta/123Company.login, you should instead go to https://secure8.saashr.com/ta/123Company.login.


If you have any questions, please contact our Time and Attendance team at timelabor@alphastaff.com