Finding the right HR provider is crucial for your business’s success. When the relationship isn’t meeting your needs, it can significantly impact operations, compliance, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line. If you’re unhappy with your current HR provider, it may be time to explore changes. But where do you start?   


Identify Pain Points  

First, reflect on what’s not working. Do you need better customer service with short response times? Does their HR technology platform need to be updated? Do you need certain services or insights? Get specific about your pain points. If you are unsure of signs that your current HR provider isn’t working for you, click here to find out pivotal factors to look out for.   


Research Potential Alternatives  

Once you’ve identified the gaps, research alternative providers that could better fit your organization’s needs and future growth goals. Look for customer testimonials and scan reviews to gauge their reputation for service, technology, and expertise.   


Ask Questions  

Don’t just assess their current offerings; empower yourself by asking the right questions about data privacy and security protocols, implementation and transition support, compliance expertise across jurisdictions where you operate, integration capabilities, and more. An open dialogue will unveil their true consultative abilities, giving you the confidence to make an informed decision.  


Evaluate Their Service Approach  

Pay close attention to the customer experience throughout the vetting process itself. How responsive and knowledgeable are their representatives? Do they listen intently to understand your challenges or seem distracted?  


An attentive and collaborative approach indicates the level of partnership you can expect. Your provider needs to seem like something other than a call center. A provider that takes the time to understand your needs upfront truly can help avoid compounding issues.  



At AlphaStaff, we understand that comprehensive, high-caliber HR services are essential for businesses to thrive. That’s why we prioritize exceptional client experiences rooted in our ethics, expertise, and innovation values. Our integrated technology platform simplifies processes from hire to retirement, and our team of trusted advisors offers guidance for the full spectrum of HR needs – payroll, benefits, compliance, risk management, and more. With AlphaStaff as your partner, you gain the strategic HR horsepower to drive success, knowing that your business is in capable hands.   


Don’t settle for HR outsourcing that doesn’t work for your business. Take the first step toward a better partnership by contacting AlphaStaff today.