The current professional landscape is more competitive than ever, and companies are doing all they can to stand out from both local and remote competitors. If you’re reading this, you’re likely trying to think of ways to attract, retain, and motivate top talent at your company. Whether you’re at the brainstorming stage, or well on your way to creating a strategy, you’ve come to the right place.


There are many factors that can bolster your approach, and one of these is a robust employee benefits package that goes beyond traditional offerings. Think beyond the basic medical package and 401k offerings – a solid employee benefits package takes a holistic approach to an employee’s needs with wellness initiatives, flexible schedules, professional opportunities and more.


Step 1 – Think of who you want on your team

Start by identifying the type of employees you want to retain and attract – then research what would be most attractive to them. What do they value most? What features would they find most useful? Your goal is to shift your focus to identify what your ideal employee will value the most. For example, young Millennials and Gen Z employees might appreciate a flexible schedule and a generous PTO policy, while Gen X and Boomers may seek a solid 401(k) plan. With the ideal employee in mind, you can prioritize a set of offerings that will connect at a tangible level.


Step 2 – Think outside the box
Invest in Professional Development

Another key aspect of a robust employee benefits package are career development opportunities. Investing in your employees’ professional development not only benefit them, but it also benefits your company as they bolster their skillset with the knowledge they need to excel in their roles as they grow in your organization. There are many ways in which you can provide learning opportunities for your employees, including LinkedIn learnings, workshops, a mentorship program, and even tuition reimbursement. These offerings encourage your employees to stay motivated and engaged, and show your organization’s commitment to their personal and professional growth.


Embrace Wellness Programs

Health benefits go beyond just your standard medical, dental, and vision. Investing in wellness programs for your employees lets them know that their mental, physical, and emotional health is a priority for your organization. There are many ways to invest in an employee’s wellness – physical wellness initiatives can range from providing gym memberships to an on-site trainer, and meditation or therapy app subscriptions can help any employees looking to improve their mental health. It’s also important to remember that taking a holistic approach to wellness means thinking about your employees’ wellbeing outside of the office. This includes providing family and child support and creating a healthy work/life balance policy that allows your employees to spend time with their friends and family to recharge. Embracing your employees’ wellness journey increases overall job satisfaction, reduces absenteeism, and increases performance levels.


Step 3 – Outsource administrative tasks

Creating the right strategy to enhance your company’s employee benefits isn’t easy if you keep getting buried in the administrative processes of HR.  It can seem overwhelming to know where to start when there are so many options and different ways to create a robust employee benefits package, but that’s where we come in. AlphaStaff provides your company with the HR support you need while taking on the administrative burden, so you can focus on what matters more. Call us to get to get started.