The process of recruiting top talent can be daunting and time-consuming. When working with a PEO, you can rely on innovative technology and efficient experts to find acceptable candidates and streamline the onboarding process once you have made the hiring decision.  A PEO like AlphaStaff has the necessary tools to help you recruit the best talent in the market, but the interview process is, ultimately, up to you.

Often, the key to attracting top talent is offering comprehensive packages that focus on benefits important to your candidates. It also helps to think outside the box during the interview process, conducting your evaluation of the candidate in a way that showcases your company as a forward-thinking place to work.  In this post, we’ll look at what top talent is looking for in 2019.


Offering a highly competitive benefits package will go a long way in separating you from your competitors in the industry. Below are just a few benefits that are attractive to today’s job applicant. Some are traditionally offered while others have gained popularity in recent years:


A competitive health insurance package (including medical, dental, and in most cases, vision coverage) is still one of the most sought after benefits by prospective employees.

Personal Time Off

Giving your employees a minimum of two weeks’ worth of vacation time is considered standard for many industries. Candidates will also expect the ability to accrue additional time as they gain seniority at the company.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

While there are no laws requiring you to offer paid maternity or paternity leave, it’s a benefit more and more candidates expect and appreciate. Statistics show that maternity and paternity leave is great for both employees and the employer. In fact, from a retention standpoint, mothers who are offered paid maternity leave are 93% more likely to remain with that employer in 9-12 months.

Commuter Benefits

If you’re located in a city with reliable public transportation, your employees will appreciate if you offer pre-tax commuter benefits. This allows your employees to contribute monthly funds from their paycheck towards transit and parking costs before the money is taxed.

Work-Life Balance

Your candidates are looking for a company that values its employees’ time outside the office. One great way to show your commitment to your employees’ work-life balance is by offering a flexible telework policy.

Teleworking is when an employee is able to work from home or an offsite location. It is a growing trend that is still considered a benefit, but for many employees, it is a way to work more efficiently while cutting down on commute times and transportation costs. It also saves employers on overhead costs associated with providing the employee office space.

Two-Way Interviewing

Candidates expect questions, but it’s important for employers to look at the interview as a two-way process. Most quality applicants have done their research and will have a number of questions prepared about the company.  They will expect the process to include an opportunity to ask questions about various aspects of their role or the company.

Two-way interviewing is a great opportunity to market your company, highlight your strengths, and “wow” the candidate. It’s important to structure the discussion to allow time for both you and the candidate to get to know one another.


Offering a competitive benefits package, a healthy work-life balance, and knowing the right areas to explore in your employee interviews will help you attract and retain the highest quality candidates in 2019.

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