Finding qualified candidates to join your team can be an arduous process, especially in today’s competitive hiring landscape. Rather than relying solely on traditional candidate sources, consider getting creative across multiple avenues to build your stellar team. 


Tap into Employee Referrals 

Employee referrals reduce company turnover by up to 20% and cost an average of $1,000 less per hire. Employee referral programs incentivize staff members to recommend candidates from their network, allowing you to find talent aligned with vouched-for capabilities.  

When launching a referral program, it is critical to communicate clearly to employees: 

  • The open positions 
  • Required qualifications 
  • Any incentives or rewards for successful recommendations 

By communicating these key factors, you’ll have a solidified understanding of the types of people you aim to attract. 


Mine Your Extended Network 

Beyond direct employees, leverage your partnerships and affiliations to uncover candidates. Contact other business owners, industry players, or recruiting and HR professionals asking for suggestions of stand-out talent they’ve come across. 

Post on niche job boards targeting the specific roles you need to fill and consider trade publications or industry websites. This captures more specialized attention than mass job sites. 


Partner with Specialized Recruiters 

Experienced recruiters have valuable insight and processes for mapping candidate needs to employer priorities. Their expertise facilitates matches not just on paper qualifications, but in cultural fit. Consider allying with seasoned recruitment professionals to joint-force efforts. 


The recruitment process is undeniably demanding. If the intensive work of recruiting is taking up too much of your bandwidth, explore AlphaStaff’s expert talent acquisition services. We have a dedicated team of recruiting professionals specialized in sourcing, vetting, and engaging top-tier candidates for your open roles. Contact us to see how we can lend some extra “team support” through your hiring process.