The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released their biannual Workplace Forecast. According to their new release, the top three trends concerning the changing workforce with a major impact during the next five years are:

  1. Continuing high cost of healthcare coverage;
  2. Implementation of healthcare legislation and;
  3. A shortage of skilled workers.

There’s no surprise that the rising cost of health care coverage has been a significant concern for businesses over the better part of the last decade and  will remain a concern for the foreseeable future. Health Care Reform has, and will continue to, change in structure, rules and strategies of how employers offer health care to their employees.


Many business owners are using traditional approaches to address the challenge – over half of those surveyed expect costs to increase 2014 and are seeking direction in Human Resource education, alternative plan options and other resources.

More and more business owners today are inquiring about how a Professional Employer Organization might help them win these battles by utilizing Subject Matter Experts and Service Teams made up of HR professionals with years of experience.

AlphaStaff is well positioned to help businesses minimize the impact that these trends could potentially have on the company’s bottom line. With a flexible service model, an array of comprehensive Insurance products to choose from, a strategic plan can be developed and executed to help many business owners overcome these challenges.